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Enterprise Vision
The most international competitiveness of cultural creative industry group co., LTD

Enterprise Mission
Return to our customers, shareholders, employees return, return society

●Enterprise core values

Innovative services, creating value, create a win-win situation

●Development philosophy

Innovation. The superego The pursuit of excellence

●Management concept

Culture, institutional constraints, people-oriented, harmonious development, and common progress

●Business philosophy

In character, quality, brand "doctrine of unity" as the core business philosophy

Moral character, is the foundation of the development of the DE show. Conduct, headed by virtue first, regardless of life skills, after talks with jia, personal character is the root of the enterprise brand can be replenished

Quality, is the foundation of survival of DE show. We firmly believe that only always adhere to the quality, is the foundation for the long-standing development of the enterprises and individuals

Brand, is the root cause of DE exhibition business. Ascension and creating customer brand, is the starting point and the root of our service customers, is also a self brand agent of inheritance and development.

One, is to show the road of development and growth

●Design concept

In the effective time with highest efficiency, design innovative taste cost optimization scheme, achieve a win-win situation with customers

●Concept of choose and employ persons

Meritocracy, men, having both ability and political integrity

●The spirit of enterprise

Full of passion, meticulous, strives for perfection

●Service tenet

To provide efficient and high quality service, to ensure customer satisfaction.