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Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, wish you good luck! Author:Deshine editor          Time:2017-05-27

Everyone has their own taste, and each flavor has its own unique memories.

      The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, in addition to the fragrance of zongzi, sweet wormwood, do you still remember my childhood with meaning that several bags? Multicolored winding, small peach, are meaning auspicious, it is a scenic line ah.

      The breeze blows the Buddha, flowers in full bloom, fragrant overflow. The nose is homing, that faint fragrant dumplings. The Dragon Boat Festival is on the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar every year. Midsummer dragon boat festival. End, beginning also." Also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, aftern oon day festival, May Festival, is a very important traditional festival, eat dumplings, dragon boat race, hanging mugwort and other customs.

      In the season of yearning, the whole group wishes you and your family the Dragon Boat Festival to be healthy, healthy and happy every day.